Facelift Guadalajara

Facelift Guadalajara is a medical system that entails the removal of excess facial fat, the tightening of facial muscles, and the stretching of facial skin to accurately provide a smoother, firmer facial appearance. Facelift Guadalajara takes place on either the face, neck, or both.

Reliant to the area of the face or neck dedicated to treatment, the plastic surgeon will separate the skin from the fat and muscle. The fat is then removed and the skin is relocated back into position.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Facelift

Do you desire a reinvigorated, relaxed facial appearance? Facelift Guadalajara delivers benefits for those who are seeking tighter skin, with additional desires to correct deep lines around the nose, creases on the sides of the mouth, jowls and fat and folds of the neck region.

Individuals best suited for facelift Guadalajara are physically and mentally fit, expressly aware of the risks and complications involved with facelift techniques, and are seeking improvement rather than perfection.

Patients who entertain good skin elasticity and are non-smokers (or quit smoking at least two weeks before and after surgery) are safeguarded the greatest efficacious results offered by top-rated plastic surgeons in Mexico.

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